Trichogramma japanicum Rs. 20 Per CC
Trichogramma chilonis Rs.20 Per CC
Trichoderma viridae Rs.65 per Kg
Trichoderma harzianum Rs.65 Per Kg
Pseudomonas fluorescens Rs. 65 Per Kg
NPV ( for Spodoptera) 250 ml Rs.200
NPV ( for Spodoptera) 100 ml Rs.90
NPV ( for Helicoverpa) 250 ml Rs.200
NPV ( for Helicoverpa) 100 ml Rs.90
Insecticide Myco Beauveria bassiana Rs.170 Per Kg
Insecticide Myco Metarrhizum anisopliae Rs.170 Per Kg
Bacillus thuringiensis Rs.320 Per 250 gms
Aggregate Sex Hormone Trap for coconut Rhinoceros Rs.845 each
‘T’ Shaped Bird berch Rs.20 each
Light Trap Rs.200 each
Funnel type Pheromone Trap Rs.40 each
Water Trap Rs.80 each
Yellow Sticky Trap Rs.75 each
Blue sticky Trap Rs.50 each
Kairomone Trap Rs.500 each
Aggregate Sex Hormone Trap for Coconut Red Palm Weevil Rs.670 each
Aggregate Sex Hormone Trap for Banana Pseudo Stem Weevil Rs.200 each
Mango Fruit Fly Trap Rs.50 each
Khadhi Soap Rs.60 Per Bar
“ARUMAI” Neem Soap Rs. 150 Per Kg
Corcyra Eggs Rs.20 Per CC
Pupae of Spodoptera litura Rs.1 each
Pupae of Helicoverpa armigera Rs.3 each

Plants in small poly bags Rs. 5 per bag
Plants in small poly bags Rs. 15 per bag
Plants in very big poly bags Rs. 30 per bagt
Plants in 6" mud pots Rs. 75 per pot
Plants in 10" mud pots Rs. 100 per pot
Plants in 12" mud pots Rs. 150 per pot
Plants in 9" cement pots Rs. 150 per pot
Plants in 12" cement pots                 Rs. 200 per pot                
Fruit Saplings Grafted (Mango, Sapota, Amla, Jack, Guava) Rs. 100 per each
Amala Rs. 40 per No.
Teak Rs. 10 per No.

Kanni Breed                       Rs.300 per Kg. of Live Wt.
Tellicherry                       Rs.320 per Kg.
Sirohi                       Rs.350 per Kg.

Carp fishes Rs.100 per kg.
Ornamental fishes (Small) Rs.10 to 50 per pair.
Ornamental fishes (Big) Rs.50 to 3000 per pair.
Fish Fingerlings (Small) Rs.500 to 1000 per 1000 Nos.
Fish Fingerlings (Big) Rs.1000 to 5000 per 1000 Nos.
Aquarium Plants Rs.10 per Bunch
Banana Tree with Bunch Rs.150 per Tree
Banana Tree without Bunch Rs.25 per Tree
Banana Leaf Rs.3 per Leaf
Green Banana                             Rs.15 Per Kg.
Banana Suckers Rs.15 each

Tissue Cultured Banana Seedlings                 Rs.20 per Plant            
Chilies Seedlings Rs.75 per Tray
Tomato / Brinjal Seedlings Rs.50 per Tray
Other Vegetable Seedlings Rs.50 per Tray

Herbo care (500 ml) Rs. 440
Herbo care (250 ml) Rs. 225
Nitrobenzene 20% (500 ml) Rs. 175
Nitrobenzene 20% (250 ml) Rs. 90
Tricontanol (500 ml) Rs. 190 
Tricontanol (250 ml)                 Rs. 96                 

Squashes of Grape,Papaya,Mango,Water Melon,Jack                    Rs. 100 per lit                   
Squashes of Lemon,Musambi,Pine Apple, Amla Rs. 150 per lit
Jams (Ash gourd,Mango,Papaya,Mixed Fruit) Rs. 200 per Kg.
Jelly (Papaya & Guava) Rs. 200 per Kg.
Pickles of Onion,Tomoto,Brinjal Rs. 200 per Kg.
Pickles of Bitter Gourd,Citrus,Amla,Mango & Lemon Rs. 200 per Kg.
Pickles Mushroom, Garlic Rs. 300 per Kg.
Nutrimix Rs. 150 per Kg.

Oyster Mushroom (Pleurotus)               Rs. 200 per Kg.               
Milky Mushroom (Calocybe indica) Rs. 200 per Kg.

Oyster Mushroom (Pleurotus)              Rs. 25 per (250 gms)                  
Milky Mushroom (Calocybe indica)             Rs. 25 per (250 gms)                  

Fodder grass (Co 3 & Co 4)                Rs. 1 per Kg.                  
Slips of Co 3 Fodder grass Rs. 0.5 per slip
Azolla Rs. 20 per Kg.