The name of the Society shall be "PONDICHERRY KRISHI VIGYAN KENDRA SOCIETY".
2. OFFICETop...
a) The office of the Society shall be situated at Pondicherry.
b) Working hours: Subject to the approval of Governing Body, the working hours of the Society shall be as prescribed by the Secretary as per requirements.
The following shall be the authorities of the Society, namely:
a) General Body.
b) The Governing Body and the Executive Committee.
c) Such other Committees and have been appointed under these presents and other authorities as may be appointed by the General Body from time to time specifying their duties, powers and functions.

1. The General Body will include all the members of the society as are specified in para VI of the Memorandum of Association.


i. The composition of the Governing Body of the Pondicherry Krishi Vigyan Kendra Society shall be as prescribed in paragraph VII of the Memorandum of Association.

ii. The Governing Body may co-opt from time to time for such period as may be deemed fit, representatives not exceeding three in number from other organizations or Institutions which may be concerned with the work of programmes of the society and the individuals with special knowledge or interest in such work or programmes.

iii. The members nominated by the State Government shall hold office during the pleasure of the Government and at any rate shall not hold office for a period exceeding three years.

Provided that -
a) The members appointed by virtue of their Office shall cease to be members when they cease to hold such office.

b) A member shall cease to hold office if he resigns or becomes of unsound mid or is adjudged as insolvent or is convicted of a criminal office involving moral turpitude.

c) A member is eligible to the re-nominated for a further period by the State Government.


1. The Society shall hold each year an annual general body meeting as soon as may be, after the expiry of the previous year.

2. The following business shall be transacted at such meeting.
a) Confirmation of the minutes of the previous General Body Meeting.
b) Consideration and approval of the Annual Report of the Management of the Society for preceding year together with an audited copy of the balance sheet, income and expenditure statement and the Auditors.
c) Consideration of any matter of matters that may be brought before it with the permission of the Chairman.
3. The Society may hold extraordinary General Body Meetings whenever the Chairman thinks it necessary to convene or whenever a requisition in this behalf is made in writing by such members as specified in these rules.

4. (a) Written notice of every General Body Meeting shall be sent to all the members either personally or through post to the address of the members as entered in the roll of members. Where the notice is sent by post, due service shall be presumed if the cover containing the notice properly addressed is posted.
     (b)The accidental omission to give notice to or the non receipt of notice by any member or other person to who it should be given shall not invalidate the proceedings of the General Body Meeting.
     (c)Every notice shall be sent.
i. in the case of annual General Body Meetings, not less than 21 days before the date fixed for the meeting.
ii. in the case of ordinary General Body Meetings, not less than 15 days before the date fixed for the meeting.
iii. in the case of extraordinary General Body Meeting, not less than 10 days before the date fixed for the meeting.

5. The Chairman may, at any time arrange a meeting of the General Body and shall do so if a requisition for that purpose is presented to him in writing by not less than 11 members specifying then subject of the meeting proposed to be called.

6. a) The quorum for any meeting of General Body shall be one third of the total members.

     b) If, within half-an-hour from the time appointed for holding an ordinary General Body Meeting, the quorum is not present, the meeting shall stand adjourned to same hour and same date of next week or to a later hour on the same date or the same hour on any other date as the person presiding fixes.

     c) If, at the adjourned General Body Meeting also, the quorum is not present within half-an-hour from the time appointed for holding the meeting, the meetings shall stand cancelled.

     d) In the case of extraordinary General Body Meeting, if within half-an-hour from the time appointed for holding of meeting the quorum is not present the meeting shall stand cancelled.

7. Every General Body Meeting shall be presided over by the Chairman and if the Chairman is absent, by any other member, as the members present at the meeting shall elect.

8. Voting: All matters submitted to a General Body Meeting of the society shall be decided by a majority of members present and voting thereon and in case of any equality of votes, the Chairman or the person presiding shall have a casting vote, in addition to the vote to which he may be entitled as a member.

9. Any vacancy or defect in the appointment, nomination or co-option of any member of the Society shall not invalidate any act or proceeding of the Society. Co-opted members are not entitled to vote.