The name of the Society shall be "PONDICHERRY KRISHI VIGYAN KENDRA SOCIETY".

2. OFFICETop...
The office of the Society shall be situated at Pondicherry.

In this Memorandum and the Rules made thereunder, unless the context otherwise requires.
a) ‘Act’ means the Societies Registration Act, 1980 (Central Act No.21 of 1860) as in force in the Union
Territory of Pondicherry.
 b) ‘Chairman’ means the Ex-office Chairman of the Governing Body.

 c) ‘General Body’ means the General Body of the Society.

 d) ‘Governing Body’ means the Governing Body of the Society.

 e) ‘Secretary’ means the Member-Secretary of the Governing Body.

  f) ‘Society’ means the Pondicherry Krishi Vigyan Kendra Society.

  g) ‘State Government’ means the Administrator of the Union Territory of Pondicherry appointed under 
  Article 239(1) of the Constitution.

   h) ‘Union Territory’ means the Union Territory of Pondicherry.

   i) ‘Year’ Means the financial year followed by the Kendra.

4. OBJECTSTop...

1. To update the technical skill of the farming public.

2. To train the farm youths in scientific farming and allied fields like dairying, in land fisheries, farm achinery and home science with emphasis on “Learning by Doing” for generating self-employment through organisation of short-term and long-term vocational training courses.

3. To organise training to update the skill of the Extension personnel of the departments connected with developmental activities of Agriculture and allied subjects like Animal Husbandry,   Fisheries, Home Science, Agricultural Engineering etc., within the area of operation with emerging  advances in Agriculture and allied Research on regular basis.

4. To conduct Research/trials, to provide production technologies and for evolving new varieties of crops suited to the region.

5. To implement the Research Programme sponsored by the Directorate of Rice Research, Rajendra Nagar (ICAR), Government of India, State Government and Organisations.

6. To implement the technical programmes sponsored by the ICAR under Transfer of Technology (TOT) projects like Front Line Demonstration, Lab to Land Programme in various crops to generate production data and information feed back.

7. To Organise Farm science clubs, field days and other extension activities for strengthening follow up action.

8. To undertake production and certification of seeds of different crops for distribution to the Farming Community through the authorised agencies.

9. To undertake the Bio-technology projects by availing the financial assistance available to Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO) from organisations like the Department of Bio-Technology, Government of India, New Delhi or such other national or International Organisations.

10. To undertake such other activities like establishing a model orchard, kitchen garden with latest varieties, mushroom/mother spawn production unit, Rice-Fish cum Poultry-farming system, vermiculture, Garbage composting, Green Houses etc., in the campus of the Kendra for demonstration purposes to the Trainees/farmers.

11. To co-ordinate with the State Government, ICAR, Pondicherry University and other Research and Development sponsoring agencies in all aspects of Training, Research and Extension that pertains to Agriculture and allied subjects.

12. To collaborate with the subject matter specialists of the State Agriculture Universities/Scientists of the Regional Research Station, NARP and the State Extension Personnel in “On Farm Testing”, refining and documenting technologies for developing region specific sustainable land use system.

13. To provide technical back up for implementation of programmes like Bio-village, Small Farmers Agri-business consortium, experiments on sustainable agriculture and act as a useful adjunct to the Union Territory Administration for taking up agriculture, horticulture, animal husbandry, dairying, poultry and fisheries as Commercial Vocation for generating self-employment to rural youths with Government assistance.

14. To manage the existing institution known as Krishi Vigyan kendra, Kurumbapet or any other Kendra/Kendras to be started in the Union Territory.

15. To conduct courses in Agriculture and allied sciences and to issue diplomas/certificates.

16. To exchange information and expertise with other institutions, associations and organisations in India and abroad in the field of agriculture and allied subjects.

17. To do any other activity/activities incidental to the above and in the interests of the organisation, society, its institution and farming public.