The details of the rice varieties developed by this centre are given below
Name of the VarietyYear of ReleaseSuitable SeasonDuration (Days)Yield (T/Ha)Characteristics
PY-l (Puduvai Ponni)1979Late Samba1355.5Saline tolerant
PY-2 (Punithavathi)1980Sornavari Navarai95-1005.0Fine, white rice
PY-3 (Bharathidasan)1984Sornavari1155.5BPH resistant
PY-4 (Jawahar)1989Samba145-1506.2Medium fine, white rice
PY-5 (Aravidar)1994Sornavari100-1056.0Long slender, white rice
PY-6 (Subramania Bharathi)2000Samba1355.5Medium slender, moderately resistant to blast and gall midge
PY-7 (Annalakshmi)2007Late Samba1255.5Medium Slender moderately resistant to blast, Tolerant to stem borer and leaf folder, high protein, high milling out turn.