With a view to promote all the objects specified above, the society may.

1. Establish, maintain and carry on the administration and management of the Krishi Vigyan Kendra(s).

2. Organise On/Off-campus training programmes for updating the technical knowledge of the farmers and farm women in the field of Agriculture and allied subjects.

3. Conduct of Front line Demonstration on pulses and oilseeds in the farmers holding and to motivate the farmers to adopt the latest technologies evolved in the Research Stations to get an increase in yield.

4. Exchange information and expertise with other Krishi Vigyan Kendras and Agricultural Universities and organisations in India and abroad in the field of Agriculture Training & Technology, extension and research.

5. Formulate short duration and long duration Training courses for the farmers and farm women in production Technologies of different crops, mushroom and mixed farming.

6. Formulate a condensed course for the field level functionaries of the Agriculture Department for updating their knowledge and implementation in their day-to-day extension activities.

7. Conduct National Demonstration : Lab to Land Programmes and oriented programmes sponsored by the ICAR (TOT) project.

8. Act as Non-Governmental organisation for implementation of the following programmes by availing financial assistance from the Department of Bio-Technology, Government of India, New Delhi.

9. Conduct Research Trails sponsored by the Directorate of Rice Research, Hydrabad.

10. Organise workshops and seminars for staff attached to T & V system and special guest lectures by Scientists from other Krishi Vigyan Kendras and universities for updating the knowledge of the Master Trainers for imparting training to the Officers of Agriculture Department as well as to the farmers and also in furtherance of the objects of the Society.

11. Undertake seed production and certification programme in different crops in the campus of Kendra.

12. Depute master trainers to other universities of different state departments and Institutions for updating their knowledge of the latest innovation in the field of Agriculture and Allied subjects and also collect the latest research material for raising in the Kendra for demonstration purposes.

13. Strengthen the Research programmes in the Kendra by collecting more number of germplasm from the Research Stations and also having close liaison with other Universities/Research Stations.

14. Create academic, administrative, technical, ministerial and other posts under the Society and make appointments thereto according to methods as may be approved by the Governing Body.

15. Construct, improve, develop, maintain and manage any building or works, electric or other power transformers and tube wells, sprinkler and drip irrigation necessary or convenient for the purpose of the Society.

16. Sell, transfer, exchange, mortgage demises of and otherwise deal with any property what so ever belonging to the Society subject to the prior approval of the State Government.

17. Establish and administer the provident fund for the benefit of employees of Kendra.

18. Examine the possibilities of having new courses/training programmes for the benefit of middle level technicians in Agriculture, Animal Husbandry, dairy, Home Science and Fisheries and conduct such courses/training programmes.

19. a) Receive grants/loans are any other financial assistance from the Government of Pondicherry, ICAR, AICRIP and other Governmental/Non-Governmental, National/International, Organisations/Agencies in pursuance of its objectives.

        b) raise from banks or any other financial or public or private undertakings, Department of Bio-Technology, Government of India, New Delhi, loans and advances with or without securities including pledge and hypothecation of the properties and assets of the Society provided that prior approval in writing of the Government is obtained in that behalf.

20. Pay out of the funds belonging to the Society to meet expenses, all incidental to the formation of the Society and management and administration of any of the foregoing objects including all rents, rates, taxes, outgoing and salaries of the employees.

21. Invite representatives of Government, ICAR, AICRIP, Universities, Dept. of Bio-Technology and other organisations in India and outstanding scientists by providing DA, TA and (or Honorarium) to participate in the programme of the Society as well as to deliver special guest lectures for implementing the programmes in a successful manner.

22. Appoint the Personnel on consolidated pay for special timebound programmes sponsored by the ICAR, DRR, Hyderabad, State Government or any other Agencies/Foundations and terminate the services of the personnel after completion of the project work or absorb them in any other vacancies as the case may be.

23. Draw, make accept, endorse and discount cheques, notices or other negotiable instruments.

24. For the purpose aforesaid, sign, execute and deliver all such contracts, deeds and other assurances as may be necessary.

25. Frame such rules and regulations and bye-laws for the conduct of the business of the society for the achievement of the objects of the society as aforesaid.

26. Prepare and maintain accounts and other relevant records and to prepare annual statements of accounts including balance sheets of the society in such form as may be approved by the Governing Body.

27. Prepare and maintain accounts and other relevant records and to prepare quarterly / monthly / half yearly / annual statements and send to the Agencies / Institutions / Research Project Directors who are funding the respective projects undertaken by the Society.

28. Forward annually to the State Government accounts of the Society as certified by an Auditor appointed by the Governing Body of the Society.

29. Constitute such committee or committees as it may deem fit for the disposal of any business of the Kendra or for tendering advice in any matters pertaining to the Kendra.

30. Delegate any of its powers to any Committee or Committees constituted by it or take decision to wind up any (existing or new) committee after taking ever any existing institution if it is not relevant.

31. Incur recurring and non-recurring expenditure for purpose of the Society.

32. Do all such other lawful acts and things either alone or in conjunction with other organisations or persons, as the society may consider necessary, incidental or conductive to the above mentioned objectives, all or any of them.

33. Frame rules for absorption of the staff recruited by previous management of institution prior to the formation of the Society and bring them under regular establishment subject to fulfillment of such rules and regulations as may be prescribed by the Governing Body in this regard.

34. Purchase/acquire farm machineries, farm implements and equipments for effective functioning of farm, orchards etc.,

35. Organise training to farm women, rural young girls on important package of practices of crops, mushroom cultivation, kitchen gardening, flower cultivation, dairy, poultry, tailoring, jam preparation, fruit processing and other homescience areas like preparation of nutritional receipes, child care, health hygine and family welfare for their upliftment.

36. Frame procedures and or policies for taking over the existing assets and liabilities of the institution known as Krishi Vigyan Kendra, Kurumbapet and give effect to the accounts of the institution vis--vis the funds received from Government of India/Pondicherry, ICAR (KVK) and AICRIP before formation of society.

37. Acquire by gift, purchase, exchange, lease or hire or otherwise however, any immovable property necessary or convenient for the furtherance of the objects of the Society and acquire any movable property in any manner in connection with the objects of the society.

38. Construct, maintain and alter any building or works necessary or convenient for the purpose of Society.

39. Consolidate, obtain or accept subscriptions, donations, grants, gifts, devices, bequests and trusts from any person, firm, corporation or institution provided that there is no condition or obligation attached to such subscriptions, donations, grants, etc., that would be contrary to the spirit of or will hinder furtherance of the objects of the Society.

40. Receive fees and other charges as may be prescribed by the Governing Body.

41. Constitute such committee or committees as it may deem fit for the disposal of any business of the Kendra or for tendering advice in any matter pertaining to the Kendra.


The General Body Members of the Society shall consists of following persons namely :
1. Secretary to Government, Incharge of Agriculture ex-office                    ...      Chairman
2. Secretary to Government, Incharge of Finance.                                 ...       Member
3. Secretary to Government, Incharge of Education.                               ...       Member
4. Director of Agriculture, Pondicherry.                                         ...       Member
5. Dean, PAJANCOA,Karaikal.                                                      ...       Member
6. Representative of ICAR.                                                       ...       Member
7. Representative of Tamilnadu Agricultural University.                          ...       Member
8. Chief Engineer,Public Works Department, Pondicherry.                          ...       Member
9. Dean, Pondicherry Veterinary College Society.                                 ...       Member
10. Managing Director, PASIC.,Pondicherry.                                       ...       Member
11. Managing Director, PAPSCO.,Pondicherry.                                      ...       Member
12. Director of Animal Husbandry,Pondicherry.                                    ...       Member
13. Director of Fisheries,Pondicherry.                                           ...       Member
14. Director of Social Welfare,Pondicherry.                                      ...       Member
15. Deputy Secretary to Government (Agri),Pondicherry.                           ...       Member
16. Officer on Special Duty, Pondicherry Veterinary College Society,Pondicherry. ...       Member
17. Two nominees of teaching staff of the Krishi Vigyan Kendra, Pondicherry.     ...       Member
18. Three persons nominated by Government to represent farming community.        ...       Member
19. Principal, Krishi Vigyan Kendra,Karaikal.                                    ...       Member
20. Principal, Krishi Vigyan Kendra,Pondicherry.                                 ...       Member